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This book has been planed for persons who are new to music. It is meant to make them familiarize them selves with music. i.e. Vocal, Instrumental and Dance. The book will make them familiar with some common terms used in music, their meaning, history of music, some musical instruments, their part and some stalwarts in the field of vocal and Instrumental music and Dance.

            The book is by no means a complete treatise, even for the beginners who are already learning music. The purpose is to give some minimal theoretical information so that the students, when exposed to music are able to enjoy it better. The book is only a part of the course for popularization of music among novices in their most receptive age. The books followed by this one will deal with the same subjects in more and more exhaustive manner. when the student attend the second, third and fourth course they will be gradually exposed to more and more intricacies of music  through lecture-demonstrations and the books.

            If more and more students start enjoying music in a knowledgeable manner and if some of them get inspired to learn some facet of music from a Guru the purpose of  the book, we think will be served.

Advantages of music since childhood

Childhood consist of the formative years of life, Success in life depends on many qualities, which should develop during this period. Every child is interested in music and has an innate ability to learn music. While listening to and learning music the child automatically develops all the qualities, which help him in his academics as well as in his life.

The qualities are, 

  • Concentration
  • Devotion
  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • Perfection
  • Patience
  • Habit of in-depth study
  • To study anything from all angles
  • Social awareness of our rich culture
  • Respect for music from other cultures
  • A universal brotherhood

Adaptability and improvisation helps in activating the right side of brain leading to creativity.

Last but not the least, interest in music reduces diversions to any harmful pastimes.

All these qualities make the child excellent in his chosen field of academics and also a good citizen. He not only develops his own personality but also exerts a positive influence on everybody around him.

We are happy to present the second part of the book, Foundation of music for our students of the center for promotion of music. The activities of the center for promotion of music have already started in Pune and are likely to start in some other cities. The students will be introduced to a number of musical instruments as well as vocal music. It is expected that the student has gone through the first book. This book shall explain the theoretical part in a little more depth and a few additional topics have been added. Ten traditional Bandishes, one from each Thaat, have been given with notations. The idea is to give useful information without making it a burden so that the student continues his interest and does not get bored. Some common terms that we hear in the context of Western music have been explained briefly. Carnatac music has also been touched upon briefly. It is hoped that the book serves its purpose and continues to kindle interest in the students of music.

A number of books have been referred to and a number of artists have been consulted and C P M would certainly like to thank all of them for their help. We have to make a special mention of Mrs. Suchitra Date, a noted Bharata Natyam exponent and Guru for her immense help for the Dance section of the present book.